Giving back and supporting fellow animal lovers is important to us here at Pets R us. That's why we donate $1 of every order to one of our favourite pet-loving charities.

Your purchase helps to support animals in need, so you can pamper your own pet and help another while you're at it! Every purchase goes towards either the New Zealand Cat Foundation or to the Saving Hope Foundation.

You can learn more about the work that each of these charities do or find out more about how you can get involved below.


The New Zealand Cat Foundation (NZCF) offers an indoor/outdoor beautiful sanctuary for abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens within Auckland.

They are committed to educating the community and teaching people how to embrace the responsibility of caring for cats - with a goal to re-home each and every stray cat that comes into their care.

Your NZCF donation goes towards helping to de-sex, vaccinate and microchip every cat, as well as assists with vet bills, essentials such as food and bedding, and helps to keep the foundation up and running so more stray cats can find their new forever homes.


The Saving Hope Foundation is a no-kill animal shelter for homeless, abused and neglected dogs.

Providing love and shelter while also supporting community awareness of the ethical treatment of dogs, Saving Hope works to rescue dogs and help them to find new loving families through their successful foster and adoption programmes.

Made up of volunteers who give their time freely to enriching the lives of dogs, your donation to Saving Hope helps to spay and neuter dogs, provide food, shelter, toys and bedding and helps Saving Hope continue to save countless canines and better their lives.